Friday, May 8, 2009

Understanding the Global Financial Crisis- Story of Tamedu & his Foo-Foo Isiewu Company

The motivation for this blog and my first post is an article I wrote in early April of this year. It was an attempt to comically explain the global financial crisis in layman's terms. However, as I did not maintain a blog, I sent out the article via email to several friends, sent it for publication in some Nigerian dailies and also posted it on some online blogs.

A month later, I have seen the article make its way through blogosphere and mailing groups, and while I am happy at the fact that most people have enjoyed it, in most of these forms, its no longer properly attributed, and its authorship is not acknowledged.

Hence I have decided henceforth, that when I write such articles as I do from time to time, I will be posting it on my blog, and then send links to it.

For those of you who are yet to read the story, check my next post. I will be posting the arcticle as I wrote it in early April 2009.

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